2016 Summer Euro

Well friends, this evening begins the final orientation sessions for our summer European studies trip. Our students will arrive in town this afternoon. We have orientation this evening and tomorrow, and then we bus to Dallas and fly from there to London Heathrow.
I have a few more things to tidy up this afternoon for the house sitter, then we are pretty much ready. Yesterday each of us figured out the basically what we're taking with us, which is not a lot, but probably more than we need. We've done this trip before, and we've have the good fortune to have traveled abroad a number of times, so it's not too daunting a task. That said, we always wonder if we've got everything we need or if we're forgetting something we can't live without, but then we remind ourselves that there are stores where we're going. As long as we have our passports, several days worth of underwear, and the book(s) we want to read, we should be ok. :-)
More to come as we prep, go, and are there. Keep us in your prayers.