Farm Visit August 2016

Well, it's already the last day of our week-long visit to the farm. Our time here always goes by too quickly. I've enjoyed early morning coffee and conversation with Mom, early morning running up and down the gravel road (okay, I don't really like running on gravel that much, but…), and, of course, some good old manual labor with my Dad (mostly mechanic work on this trip—on my car). I was also privileged to preach at my home congregation, the Heartland Church of Christ in Perry, IA, which I enjoyed. Celeste and I also took a little time to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. We saw the latest Bourne movie and then stayed at the Hotel Patee in Perry, where we enjoyed a very nice meal and tasty dessert in the hotel restaurant and, yes, bowling in the basement of the hotel (they have two lanes). Then coffee at Perry Perk the next morning. That was fun!
First Light as I began my run on Aug 8, 2016

Sunrise during one of my morning runs

Right now it's mostly cloudy and the temperature is 79 degrees, the humidity is 60%, the dew point is 64 degrees, and the breeze is about 5 mph of cool air. It has just a bit of a Fall feeling to it. It makes me think of Iowa football, the Iowa State Fair (starts later this week), and the upcoming harvest season, all of which I really enjoy. So, yeah, driving back to Oklahoma tomorrow isn't sounding too exciting right now (BTW, at the time of this post, it's 90 degrees [feels like 98 degrees] in Edmond, OK).
I remember thinking when I was a young man in my teens that, "Man, I can't wait to get out of here and do something else somewhere else." And, frankly, I and my family have been blessed to do a lot of things in a lot of really awesome places around the world, many of which I would not have been able to do if I was not working at Oklahoma Christian University. But, the older (= more mature, of course) I get the more I find myself really missing the farm and living in Iowa in general. Mostly, I miss being around my family that still lives here. Maybe someday my job will allow me to live in Iowa during the summers where I can work on writing projects and relax a little bit more. Maybe.
Sunset (crescent moon left middle)

A few of the cows heading back to the pasture