First day of class in Wien

Today was our first day of class in Vienna (BTW, we considered all of the tours and museum visits in London—excluding Harry Potter World, of course—to be "class"). The topic today was "Roman Vienna." Did you know that the Romans had established a garrison, "Vindobona," here by the 1st century AD? It's true—and there are Roman ruins here to prove it. In fact, after our three student presentations, we ventured to the Römermuseum where we took in a guided tour. It's not a large museum, but informative (and the students only had about an hour's worth of attention left in them after class this morning). Here are a couple of shots:

After the tour, we had the afternoon to explore more of the city and to get some rest. Speaking of . . . I'm off to bed. My 5:00am alarm will be waking me before I know it (I've got some work to do in the morning).