The chaotic routine begins tomorrow

Many of our friends' kids--for that matter our own kids--have already started back to school. My friends that teach at universities in our state system (e.g., UCO) headed back to the classroom last week. Well, tomorrow (Aug 29) it's our turn.
"Chaotic routine" seems like a pretty clear example of an oxymoron (not to mention a great band name). After all, "routine" implies an organized sequence of actions that are regularly repeated, while "chaotic" implies nearly the exact opposite: a state of complete disorder and confusion. Yet, from my current vantage point, this description seems apropos. You see, the past several years, I have been filling an administrative role (Assoc. Dean for Teaching and Learning), directing the center for teaching and learning, and teaching between 6 and 9 hours of classes. This year, I've stepped out of the director's role of the center for teaching and learning, but remain Assoc. Dean for Teaching and Learning and have picked up the role of Acting Chairperson of the Graduate School of Theology. But, since we've lost faculty in our College of Biblical Studies and it's unlikely that we will be hiring anyone this year, I will be teaching 15 hours of courses (Elementary Greek I, Intermediate Greek I, Advanced Greek I, Romans, and Seminar in Pauline Epistles [a grad course]). So, bottom line, for the next 15 weeks, I'll be hurrying and scurrying around campus running between classes and meetings.
All that said, I love teaching, and I am looking forward to spending more time with students. I especially love teaching the Bible and biblical Greek and watching as students' lives are changed in ways that benefit both the church and the world.
Keep me in your prayers!