Today in London

Yesterday (Friday, May 27) was a good day. First we went to the British Museum. When I tell the students that they have 2 to 2.5 hours to follow an audio guide through the museum, I can almost hear them think, "What?!? Two hours in a museum?!?" Then, without fail, when the they come out to re-group, almost all of them say, "I needed more time" or "You need a whole day in there, not just two hours." It is an amazing museum full of amazing history, not least of which is the Rosetta Stone. I was a little disappointed again that when I got to the room for Alexander the Great, it was closed. Same thing happened to me four years ago. I'm thinking it's somehow my fault.
After British Museum, we went to the British Library. The interesting thing about the BL is that there's basically one room that has the awesome stuff (they do have other exhibits [there was one on punk rock this time]). You can see most everything in about an hour or hour and a half. But what they have in that room is amazing: works of Jane Austin, Magna Charta, Gutenberg Bible, and my personal favorites Codex Sinaiticus, Codex Alxandrinus, and Oxyrynchus Papyri fragments with Gospel of John (dating to 3rd century). Yesterday, I registered for a library card and now have access to view the Greek manuscripts that are not open to the general public (I.e., not in the museum room. I might try to see something today if possible. I will keep you posted. :)
Today (Saturday, May 28) we go to St. Paul's for a tour and then on to Tower of London. We've got the same tour guide, Sean, today. The student loved his tour of Westminster! Photos to come...