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Dr. Jim Dvorak is Assoc. Dean for Teaching and Learning at Oklahoma Christian University and Professor of Greek and New Testament in OC's College of Biblical Studies.

Perfect morning!

I know it's gonna hit 85 today, but right now it's perfect! #Wx #feelslikefall pic.twitter.com/jVs3GQDAWS— Dr. James D. Dvorak (@DrJimDPhD) August 21, 2016

I'd wear this

Found it here: http://www.dvlpr.io/products/but-first-coffee?variant=19720990084

Farm Visit August 2016

Well, it's already the last day of our week-long visit to the farm. Our time here always goes by too quickly. I've enjoyed early morning coffee and conversation with Mom, early morning running up and down the gravel road (okay, I don't really like...

Telltale sign

Hmmm. I wonder who's writing again. :-) Feels good.

Melk and Mauthausen

Altar: (1) a place designated for offering sacrifices to God; (2) marker of a special place, event, or person in order to commemorate or memorialize said event or person. Wednesday, 22-June, was a challenging day. In order to wrap my head around ...

Where to eat in Brno

If you like burgers and you happen to be visiting Brno in the Czech Republic, you must eat here: And you must get this:

Budapest Day Trip

We're on the train to Brno as I write this. It's a short trip from Vienna, so this will be a relatively short post. Also, I apologize in advance for this page loading slowly. It has a lot of relatively high resolution photos on it. We arrive...