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Dr. Jim Dvorak is Assoc. Dean for Teaching and Learning at Oklahoma Christian University and Professor of Greek and New Testament in OC's College of Biblical Studies.

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First aid for Grumpinitis

A shout out to the Brazles in Antwerp, Belgium, who know my daily struggle with "Grumpinitis" and "Grognonite"!! Thankfully, they know the proper treatment, and they cared enough to send some back with Syd!!

DIY Project 2: Install New Kitchen Faucet.

Done. No more old drippy faucet. Couldn't have done it without Hagan's help! Also, props and kudos to my Dad who showed me how do to this kind of stuff (or at least not to be afraid to try)! STEP 1: Remove old faucet. STEP 2: Install new faucet. ...

Evernote Community Leader

I have completed the training and have been admitted officially into the Evernote Community Leader program. Curious about Evernote and how it can help you better organize your tasks, projects, work, life? Contact me at jamesddvorak@gmail.com.

The Yellow Sticky Note Bandit is Back!

And so the Post-It® war (a really friendly war, as you can see) has begun again! 😃 Found this on my office door today . . . And this...

For those interested in Linguistics

For those of you who are interested in the linguistics of biblical languages or just Linguistics as a discipline of study, do yourselves a favor and get, if you can, Halliday's book, Explorations in the Functions of Language. If you can't find it ...

No surprise here

From my VivoFit Connect app...

Another reason to love Glympse

Glympse is an app that allows a person to share their location on a map, and even follow them live for a specified span of time. A while back, I wrote about Glympse over the theFAQs.net, where I shared a scenario where the app is useful. Now I hav...

Upcoming event at OC

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